Solid Waste Separation and Recycling Machines Manufacturing & Facility Establishment

28th Year in Recycling Technologies

What does PRS Makina do?

PRS Makina offers quality products and services that are "always the result of a smart effort". Prs Makina has been providing integrated and sustainable solutions for 28 years. He has designed, manufactured and installed waste control, collection, separation, processing, recycling and integrated waste management systems in many domestic and international projects. 

Turnkey Plant

Combining its 28 years of machinery manufacturing experience in the sector with engineering, R&D and know-how support, PRS Makine also offers “Turnkey” solutions for solid waste separation plant, packaging waste separation plant, waste-derived waste preparation plant, waste-to-energy production facility.

Projecting and Design

The first goal in project design is to understand the customer's needs.

After this stage, the stage of producing solutions for the needs begins.

Machinery Manufacturing

Machinery manufacturing is a manufacturing field where high production technology is used.

With an expert team, we move on to the machine production stage by understanding and projecting your needs in the fastest way without sacrificing our innovation, R&D-oriented working system, which follows the new technology.


Year of Experience


Manufactured Machine


Different Design


Export to Country


Our investments in the R&D department cover a significant part of our resources and this ratio continues to increase every year.

Periodic Maintenance & Repair

Industrial machinery plays a direct role in your organization's net production, efficiency and even profit. Therefore, to ensure the functionality of each equipment and


Since the machines that have been working in your business for years, despite their periodic maintenance and repairs and working properly, they lag behind technological developments.






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